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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Leap of Faith

A sudden conformity while your are in trouble on your faith, a sudden unwavering belief converting the wish or dream to reality is because of the Leap of Faith. It's a beautiful process which transforms a pupa to a magnificent butterfly, which turns a disciple into master. Leap of faith is that point of conversion in tradition of magic which decides the future course of action of a seeker.
One starts a journey with a fascination in eyes and a million doubts in  heart. this is the phase they call JIGYASU or the the curious one. I have always loved this word. The curious one, just once glance of the path and eyes start to gleam as the rivulet in a shiny starry might. But the heart is still full of doubt, one doesn't know what to believe and what not not. Someone said there are two ways of living this life one as if every moment you live is miracle two as no moment if life is miracle. For a curious one, none of the above conditions are absolute truth. He is still swinging between different realities of different influences. But whatever he has seen in the world beyond, he is joyful at the sight of it and want more of it.
That's how one takes step first on the path uncharted, that's how one starts to walk the journey to unknown. Most important point, most important milestone on this journey is leap of faith. It is not any kind of epiphany, it is not even a realization, its more of an outcome of gradual process which kicked off on day one when he decided to put first step on the path. This knowledge of path of may or may not come by now but that is irrelevant because leap of faith empowers one to perform miracle. it gives one power to convert best wishes into blessings, mere thoughts to reality, mere words to magic spell. The Leap of Faith provides enough will to be projected in words so that they can weave reality around thoughts and make tangible changes to the timeline.
Leap of Faith is a surrender to the power which needs to be recognized with in. Healers need this to heal the wounded, Alchemists need this to bring out the transformation, Warriors need this to un-sheath the sword at the right moment and in right stance.