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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

On Life by Tolstoy

The activity of love offers such difficulties that its manifestations become not only painful, but often impossible. “One should not reason about love” — those men usually say who do not understand life — “but abandon oneself to the immediate feeling of preference and partiality which one experiences for men: that is the true love.”

They are right in saying that one should not reason about love, and that all reasoning about love destroys it. But the point is, that only those people need not reason about love who have already used their reason to understand life and who have renounced the welfare of the individual existence; but those who have not understood life and who exist for the welfare of the animal individuality, cannot help reasoning about it. They must reason to be enabled to give themselves up to this feeling which they call love.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

what you have given me

You wonder what you have given me,
I wonder,
What fragrance gives to the flower
What colors give to wings of butterfly
What shiny stars give to the dark night sky
What clouds give to the monsoon shower
What dreams eternal give to a blissful sleep
What soul bestows to this mortal flesh
What dew does for the morning fresh
What hope can do for faith's leap
I wonder what you given me,
All this but foremost the reason
The reason to be, to be me!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Till dawn

This orange orb of light
Setting slowly into
the far end of river
Inviting a teasing night
Forewarning the world wise,
the intelligent elite,
There is no holding down,
To this passion on rise
This new found Sin,
Will destruct everything nice,
You protected so long,
With your soldiers of tin.
Your rituals, your rules
The lies you spin,
Will be tossed away
With your dear jewels.
Only this new pleasure,
This joy of fools,
Will see through night,
Will see new light.
...Till dawn
everything will change

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Unique She

As the days pass,
the time, the situations,
the fate slowly reveal her to me
Like the valley is revealed
from the clouds as sun starts shining brighter.
Slowly I realize the grandiose,
The magnificence, the intricacies
Of her beauty.
Her beautiful warrior soul
Her ways, her faith, her love, the way she can empathize with everyone around her become more prominent with each passing day.
I stand awestruck, spellbinded.
Helplessly, hopelessly drowning in her love.
Her ways of love are different than those of the world, more beautiful than the definition of love, the world understands.
Her courage, her acceptance of both the world is so unique.
I admire her, adore her more than that I have started worshipping her.
Earlier I had glimpse of her soul which made me fall of her, made me musing about her. But now when every day I get to see her, she steals my heart all over again.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My sweetest poem

And the broken wings
I thought are my fate
Despair, sorrows, falls, heartburns
will stick to me forever,
I began to think of late

And then you come
with your magic touch,
you kissed and healed my every flaw
Who knew you would smile
at me in the way as such
Now stay and keep this spell,
unbroken for eternity long
Be with me on my lips,
My sweetest poem, My Beautiful song