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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Confessions to People around

At times I feel like flipping pages of her diary. I feel an intense desire to feel the pain she might be going through or went through. It's strange humans are more inclined to share others pain than their joys. Is it to seek some sort of assurance? No, I don't think so or I don't want to believe that even if it is true. I like the idea that humans are essentially empathetic towards their fellow beings especially one who reflect their own thought more than often. I have been through the thoughts she has shared so many times. Every time I do so I feel a pang in heart and an innate desire to hold her hand more tightly. I want to make her feel she is protected. Protected from everything she should be, exposed to everything she should be.

On other thought, I think I know her soul, soul so strong that one gaze to it can create and destroy million worlds. Soul so strong that it can bring life to dead. Soul which is as primitive and beautiful as the garden of Eden. At times words seem exaggerating but a closer re-read of same word reveal the truth in it. I believe I have seen glimpses of her soul and then everything justifies itself. The Thing, the Supreme Being cannot give easy test to the soul so strong. Any thing simpler would be insult of this magnificent creation.

All I can wish her is fare well, may the strength and love be on your side. And a million thanks to her for illumining my life in more than ways she can imagine. I want to thank her for being warrior princess.