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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5 Character SAMYAA likes

 1- Catherine (protagonist of Wuthering Heights) ... she is a real character who is caught between Id n Super Ego ... (like most gals) she wants social status but she is nt able to leave her lover... her love is so passionate... though destroying but I like her

2- Vincent (Van Gaugh)... well ... he is a visionary... he ran behind truth.. he knew which path will take him to his destiny... he was a man full of energy... n i loved his foolish dreams.

 3- Tughlaq... he is again a very impressive character ( from a play of Girish Karnad) he was called - Mad Tughlaq... because he had impossible dreams.. he was a visionary... he failed but at least he tried...

 4- Jimmy Porter (Look Back in Anger)...awesome character...complex personality...he loves a gal yet he hurts her so much ... an unconscious urge
this is impressive that he has no book of rules

5- Protagonists of (The Reader)...both male n female...their characters were awesome. The love they share was mind blowing.. no words for it.