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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Every minute has 13889 Miracles in it

A deviation from day to day activities or actions, an unexpected result, outcome or reaction out of routine is usually called a Miracle.

Miracles are not violations of the laws of nature but "exploration of a new regime of physical experience.
The logic behind an event being deemed a miracle varies significantly. Often a religious text states that a miracle occurred, and believers accept this as a fact. However,it should be noted that one cannot believe a miracle occurred if one had already drawn a conclusion in one's mind that miracles are not possible at all.
One interesting law confirms miracles at least once in a month. Here is how this law goes.

Littlewood defines a miracle as an exceptional event of special significance occurring at a frequency of one in a million. He assumes that during the hours in which a human is awake and alert, a human will experience one event per second, which may be either exceptional or unexceptional (for instance, seeing the computer screen, the keyboard, the mouse, this article, etc.). Additionally, Littlewood supposes that a human is alert for about eight hours per day.

As a result a human will in 35 days have experienced under these suppositions about one million events. Accepting this definition of a miracle, one can be expected to observe one miraculous occurrence within the passing of every 35 consecutive day.

Now for every person a Miracle is happening every 35th day. In this world there are close to 7 Billion people. That gives us 200 Million miracles everyday or 13889 Miracles every minute.

It could be your minute NOW. So in the words of a dear friend, JUST BELIEVE.