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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Samyaa asked

(Amazingly initiated by Ojasi Mehta (Ojasi's Blog))

Samyaa came on her toes and stood behind, he knew it was her. She didn't speak. Two hours passed with the moon floating on the river. When he was done with the meditation, he signaled her to board on the boat. The boat was Tabutsaaz's temporary house.

what's going into your mind? He asked her silently. She smiled, she was saying, I don't have words.

Random words, said Tabutsaaz finally reading her troubled gestures.

She put in efforts, said, " What to do...if there comes a point in someone's life when he is shocked out of his senses, when...when he finds out he Wont' be able to do something he had been doing for years, something for he is deadly Passionate about... what that would mean? Destiny? Of course... but what more? Is that a sign you need to change the Road? Is that a sign you have missed something more Important, something to Learn? .... huh!"

Tabutsaaz remained silent. While observing the waves, he smiled gently, as if he was patting the waves...

The Impatient heart waits for him to speak. While observing the deep silence and how echoing it is, echoing your own thoughts, dreams and fears...


He started tapping the side of wooden boat with eyes still in rhythm of every fall and rise of the waves. His voice rung and sync with the heartbeat of the river around him.

He muttered for Samyaa's ears only.

"River flows through three worlds.

It connects three world,

in most evident way possible.

A river is a magical thing,

a magic, moving, living part

of all the three worlds.

River begins, sustains and finishes,

while Doing any of these three

River never cease flowing,

River never cease Being.

Every drop of it

Never cease to be a River.

She knows very well

how to be a River.

She, when was young,

was very restless,

though mountains and rocks,

she would jump and dive

seeking unknown,

seeking untested.

and then she reached

the edge of the Forest,

She grew up and being grown-up,

she did not

run and jump and sparkle

along as it used to

but moved slowly.

For she knew now where she was going, and

she said and smiled,

"There is no hurry. We shall get there some day."


Elixir of life said...

Hi, came back to your blog after a long long time and found this river :)... Liked the way the words flow .. How have you been??

NUKTAA said...

thnx doc..m r u?