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Saturday, June 2, 2012

O' Friend!!!

On the eve of the end,
I pray we meet again,
O' Friend!
And I pray by then,
You would as I'd have finished
all our errands here.
So that you and I
can sit awhile,
catch a breathe,
look in each others eyes,
how our journey fared.
Smile and pat and kiss
each other, for awhile.
Before we the thirsty one
quench the almighty.
On the eve of the end,
I pray we meet again, O' Friend!!!

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Leo said...

Are you speaking from the perspective of a soul from the beyond, waiting for your mate to join you in Heaven?

NUKTAA said...

Ohh I more saw at it as a traveller praying for fellow traveller

@ngel ~ said...

its beautiful... :)

Leo said...

Oh.. that's an interesting way to put it across, Nuktaa.. the line about the kissing a while felt personal, so asked :) Nice poem.

NUKTAA said...

Thanks Again Leo :)

Hey M glad u liked it @ngel

subhorup dasgupta said...

very metaphysical, and i agree that it is leading more towards thoughts on death and parting. the concept of meeting the souls of loved ones before judgement day is a recurrent one both in islamic and christian thought, and you have brought out this aspect very nicely.

NUKTAA said...

thanks a lot for beautiful analysis, it indeed is a pray of a soul to meet its mate before it launches for travel next