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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

He and She

He was riding fast. He had a promise to keep. He wanted to show her how beautiful that lonely hill looks in rain. His eyes were shining with a joy unspoken. He knew she is crazy about storms. He knew she was crazy about the place he was taking her to. He didn't tell her where they were going. He dodged her question till the half way. But he knew himself and her very well. He knew it wont be long till she will get truth out of him. He was bad at keeping things from her. He sped up the bike before she could ask her more about the place...and she smiled with thousands of emotions underneath. Thousands little upsurges of joy, of belonging, of loving and being loved.

Today she saw yet another couple getting wet on a bike. Today again she felt the emptiness of holding him so tight. She longed to kiss him at the back of his neck. She longed for the smell of rain and his cologne. She pinned to whisper in his ears “Love You!”… but all she could do is walk out in the rain & get wet… so no one could see her tears…


On Valentines Day he brought that rose plant to her. She cherished it. She watered it everyday with tender love. Every time she would see it she would look more serene to him. But the heat of the scorching summer was too much for that little sap. It withered slowly with the growing  heat. It shed its all young leaves and the little green stem turned black. She was getting sadder every day. The plant dried.
She brought him the dried plant back along with other things when they departed from each other.

Its second day of rain today. He rarely goes to balcony anymore. He rarely goes anyplace which reminds him of her, of brightness of her eyes, of smell of her hair, of softness of her touch. He has confined his whole being, his existence to the little four by six bed in his living room. He reached out to his gallery. He saw a little red bud on the rose plant. It has turned into virgin green again. Rain has washed away all the blackness all the withered dried yellow leaves from it. Rain replaced them with young, little leaves. The little rose plant was smiling at him in the rain today.


@ngel ~ said...

aww... :) Do add few more to this wonderful series...

Shashiprakash Saini said...

it was a good read
and so true rain can bring the change happened with me

है भीगना है भीगना
है मुझे भी भीगना
दिन भीगना है
भीगना पूरी रात है
ये ना पूछिए क्या बात है
धूल सारी धुल गयी
उभरे नए जज्बात है
ये ना पूछिए क्या बात है
बस हो रही बरसात है
क्या बात है क्या बात है
बस हो रही बरसात है

NUKTAA said...

@ngel: Sure :)

NUKTAA said...

@Saini saab....m glad u liked it..

Bahot khubsurat nazm ...share karne ke liye shurkiya :)

Rekha said...

very good post..felt almost every emotion you have penned.

NUKTAA said...

thank you Rekhaji :)

ankita pawar said...

Loved it :-)

NUKTAA said...

Thanks Ankita :)