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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Sometimes roads can be very gloomy, even on the evening of a Friday. You can see deaths hanging around, dangling, suspended around you. Different deaths of hopes, possibilities, dreams un-attempted, joys never met but always thought as to be encountered next turn. You see them dead, inanimate with mourn. That is when you want to do retrospection of life but deep inside know that its too late for that.
Your belief, your faith leave you stranded on the roadside with vehicles with red lights at their faces zoom past across from oblivion to oblivion. Just like your thoughts running past your head from one unknown to another.
Fatigue of the day's work and stress of evening's fight make you lean to the railing till every limb of your leg start aching. The railing shakes with every heavy vehicle passes across you, causing ripples to the yellow sad light and the shadows it is casting.
Sheer aloneness rest the sorrow and pain, magnifies to several multitude in that crowd of stranges, stranges of lights, shadows and their human bodies. Bodies engaged in their nocturnal activities are unaware of the worlds crumbling into dusts and the world rising from the dusts around these bodies.
You stand there apparently unmoved by the overwhelming emotional turmoil going on inside, with eyes unmoved, with sight unmoved but with blurry, unfocused vision. Thoughts give you a somewhat detailed picture of destruction you can cause and so much of greater good you can achieve through that but inertia in your body, fatigue in every joint and limb deny even to hear those thoughts.
You stand doing nothing until the thoughts tire out themselves and then you start looking for a place to lie down and close your eyes to oblivion. Now it is a Friday night


Dee said...

friday night fever huh !
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