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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


She was beautiful, as beautiful as a new born river can be.  She was so virgin with her body, heart and soul if she sat beneath a tree could catch the delicate mystical unicorn. The unicorn, who craves purity, would be irresistibly drawn to the girl and lie down with his head in her lap. So was her beauty pure and chaste.

In the green meadow she was like a butterfly just out of cocoon, free of worries and vanity, free of fears and disappointments she ran towards the tree.

He, the shepherd was waiting for her. He knew she will love the gift. She was a moon child so was the gift, the moon born.He was waiting with a new born lamb, cradled in his arm. It looked like a small bale of cotton. 

She was beaming with joy as she approached their rendezvous, the tree. She almost leaped the last few steps.

"Oh, Isn't she beautiful!", she chimed.

"I told you so.", the joy in the 17 year old boy was unfathomable.

" I can keep her?", she asked with expectant eyes.

“What are you going to name her?”, boy questioned.

“Mercury”, as if she had decided on it a long before.

“What kind of name is that?”, boy’s instant dislike for that name was very much visible.

She was too quick to gauge the grumble in his voice.

“…but I will call her Merry. Mercury will be the secret name, known only to her and me.”, she said.

“But even I know that name,” he almost laughed.

“You, umm...You do not matter.” She giggled mischievously. 


Saru Singhal said...

This one is sweet and full of love...Loved reading it dear...:)The way you described the beauty of the girl in the opening lines is superb...

NUKTAA said...

Thank You Saru :)

@ngel ~ said...

just loved it :)

NUKTAA said...

thank you @ngel

Sujana said...

Adorable story! :) It put a smile on my face.

NUKTAA said...

Thank You Sujana :)