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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Few Random thoughts of Tabutsaaz

Some thoughts can be properly considered when you avoid starting it from why. (Tabutsaaz)

You have to believe in your dreams, because they never cease to believe in you. (Tabutsaaz)

Being happy is an everyday task, you cannot be happy for once and forever. (Tabutsaaz)

One who share his bread, his dreams, his joys with you, and whose hunger, whose disappointments, whose sorrows troubles you as much as they do it to him, he is your companion and bond between you is Companionship. (Tabutsaaz)

We all are reflections of one universal soul in vessels of different sizes, shapes and natures but we essentially inherit the basic goodness of that one universal soul. (Tabutsaaz)


Ashwini C N said...

Wonderful lines. These can be appplied to our daily lives. Thanks for sharing it

Divya said...

I have presented The Versatile Blogger Award to you

Hope you enjoy it!

@ngel ~ said...

Pearlies :)

NUKTAA said...

@Ashwini: Thank you so much ..glad u liked it :)

NUKTAA said...

@ngel: :) thankieee

NUKTAA said...

@Divya:: Thanks a lot...this is ma first blog award :P

alka narula said...

pearls of wisdom shud have been the title of the post:)very motivational and inspiring

NUKTAA said...

thanks Alka :)