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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

let the cup and the wine remain in front of me

There are days which begin with perfect setting. You spend quality time with your loved ones, in their arms, in their embrace, you rest. You plan things for future near and far in their eyes. You are contemplative and taking actions at the same time. Life seems beautiful and blissful at the same time. You have work at hand, dreams at eyes and satisfaction at soul.
But then life has its own plan, own surprises, own twists and turns.
Relationships which are your power, your strength start doubting you. They don't want few things in you, they don't like how you handle few things. They don't always entirely agree with the way you act, react and put closure to things, lives, interactions around you.
You try hard to explain them, make them see the world, the way you do, you use different approach, try different angles to bring in peace but in process you hurt something very integral in those relations.
Things start falling apart, one thing leads to another and the day, a seemingly perfect day collapses, comes to sudden halt. Unexpected HALT.
Again, life goes on for an another day, for another twists and turns.

गो हाथ को जुम्बिश नहीं आँखों में तो दम है
रहने दो अभी साग़र-ओ-मीना मेरे आगे

Though I can’t move my hands, I [still] have power in my eyes
let the cup and the wine remain in front of me.


@ngel ~ said...

Just Wonderful!!
Dranketh each word
And tasted every drop...

NUKTAA said...

Thank You @ngel :)