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Friday, December 2, 2011

Greece they say was the name of land

With same grim eyes he was telling the story. 
"So it happened in the beautiful town, so it happened to the beautiful town. Far away from cities, this town was a forgotten adobe of higher mortals before that adobe to gods and even before time adobe of energies. It had seen its ups and falls, it had heard air telling stories of its different names and lives before this and was content with it. But now it was called The Town in every sense of it and beyond. 
This town was in serene setting with a beautiful river bank on a side and mountains, deep green sage like mountains on the other. Many visitors would come and seek and find peace and love and joy and everything else they were seeking. Adventurers would find right challenges here. Lovers would find their soul companions. Peace seekers would find much sought calmness. The town provided everything it can to everyone who asked.
She did not come looking anything in the town. It was not her first visit. She had visited before in a different life, in a different time. She dint remember that and even town had forgotten about her. So it should be so lives  and times can exist peacefully. So she came again in the town without any past with town, without any history with town. 
She is not just a visitor, Town felt as soon as it saw her. But she didn't come to town seeking something. She was just enthralled with stories about the town and just wanted to see it in person. She just wanted to roam around, immerse herself in its beauty. They said she was goddess from the foreign land. Greece they say was the name of land. She was every bit of goddesses in her fullness of life and beauty. She was the most beautiful of the immortals, even more beautiful than the goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Her beauty was renewed each spring as she magically washes away the ware and worry of her immortal existence. 
So town saw her and fell out right for her. She would visit its squares and wells and lakes and churches and temples. Town would flourish, appear more cheery at those places. Its evening became more enchanting and its morning woke a lot fresher. The town was in love with her and the world around her. So much that it wanted to be her world. She loved the way town presented itself to her. She loved every bit of it. She loved every moment of it. She loved the town too. 
But spring passed, and winter spread its white shroud across the town. Town closed its eyes dreaming beautiful love and when it woke all the travelers had left already including her, the Goddess of Foreign Land. Greece they say was the name of land.
The Town was GODDESS LESS again"


@ngel ~ said...

lines carry a remote beauty!! wonderful :)

induravisinghj said...

interesting post...

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Thanks Induji