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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the fishergurl and the boy

"Do you love me,
as wind loves the leaves of grass, 
caressing in beautiful dusk?
Do you love me, 
as one day a cloud filled with rain
loved the crazy young sand dune
and emptied herself to the sand dune 
only to transform it and herself?
Do you love me, 
as the pillars of a temple 
loves another 
but does not get 
too close to each other 
so to hold the temple, they share 
from crumbling away?
Do you love me,
as a candle loves a moth 
and burns every bit with it
but does not forget 
to light the world around?
Do you love me,
as a river loves its flow 
and still does not fail 
to quench a million others on the go?",

All this and beyond this was what the boy wanted to ask the fishergurl. 
But never he did, never he could...
Still it happened as was destined and as was repeated a million times before
  Boy fell in love for fishergurl...
that dreamy li'l boy who was not so honest but was very much innocent fell in love for that fishergurl who was not so innocent but was very much honest.


@ngel ~ said...

Loved it :)

NUKTAA said...

Thankiee :)

Shivangi said...

OMG!!! how can u write so butifully??? n see all d love treasures in the clouds ad sand and pillars!!! its amazing !!!

NUKTAA said...

Thanks Shivangi :)