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Monday, October 3, 2011

Rain in my city is very human.

Rain in my city is very human.
When it rains here,
it just doesn't flow away.
It stays, hangs on,
till you acknowledge its presence.
It transforms the city,
in the most magical way.
It sits on terraces of the abandoned buildings,
secret alleys, hideouts under bridges
and sings to it's hearts content.
Sometimes will weep it's soul out,
just for the fun
Rain in my city is very human.
Moody rain here,
some times just drizzles,
like a lover blowing sensuous breathes
over the face of his muse.
Some times slapping faces
sometimes just kissing them.
Overwhelming with emotions
just like her,
Rain in my city is very human.


Anonymous said...

Rain.. has so many meaning to each one.. everyone sees it differently.. coz each time it rains it gives you a different feeling.. beautifully put together.

kapil sharma said...

thanks :)