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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The girl with bicycle - I

The girl with bicycle, when I first saw her. She was holding a million dreams, two million questions and unfathomable innocence in her eyes. She knew and was aware of dreams, she has word out a few questions from the querying big eyes but she dint know or was surprisingly not aware of the innocence she held. And that made her more likeable, more adorable and more other worldly.
When I saw her she was collecting dew berries and lilies. It was a nectar enthused view to see her picking up those purple, red berries soaked in dew just dropped from heaven. No one would dare to disturb that angel in her quest to find only the best berries and flowers to prepare drink of gods. No one except for that strand of hair which fluttered playfully every once in a while with the morning breeze.
It was a passing view, when I first saw her. It was just a drop of ambrosia I could taste then.


Anonymous said...

This is soo beautiful... i wish that girl could see herself from your eyes.. i m sure she would not recognize herself!