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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tabutsaaz and Stargazer

Night, starry night, moonless. At a side of that lawn Tabutsaaz was sitting with himself. Talking of Stargazer for first time. The need of moon for the night was being satisfied by his shiny eyes. He had this contented smile, face was still crowded with a million thoughts and a million emotions. But eyes and smile were still there to prove he is not disturbed, not even a flinch. He pondered over the situation, "Things are certainly not the way they were. She is not coming anymore. She have reached what she always gazed towards. Its good for her, isn't it. Whats in here for her except for few dark coffins. You never had anything to offer, my friend. She gave you as much she could and left. She left without a word because she dint want to hurt you or may she couldn't see you hurt. She has proven her sensitivity again."
He continued with eyes still glowing on her thoughts, "Didn't she told you earlier, the life's, joy's measurement do not have unit of time? It is indeed butterfly, she told you. It stays till it wants. But when it leaves small invisible color fragments of its wings remain, remain behind for those who an see. She also told you, you can see. Her words cannot be untrue, she is stargazer after all. Those burning color fragments on your shoulders are souvenirs of last evening. When she rested her head there while gazing those burning heavenly bodies. Just think, how much pain she would be in and she never let you felt it. She asked you to come into closet but never really invited in. But face it with the same joy you faced her. Joy of heart is her fuel she said another day. You can't let that dry till you know she is there, some where. Yes, a good bye if that was, it has to be heard with same excitement as she heard your welcome."


Eyes said...

U love ur words. And i believe as well.