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Monday, July 4, 2011

Stories he told me

The time was right although I don't remember what time it was, he told me stories. A lot of stories, stories of boys who turned into men who grown upto be saints, of girls who left the valleys to reach the mountain in search of their sheep, of man who never left villages sitting first time in aeroplanes, of village temple and shrines, of the river which gave the tribe its life but one story which stood apart, the one which is bothering me for almost a week now, the story of a little boy who woke everyday in a new world, finding himself unknown to language, culture, thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams of the world he has woke in.
It was beauty of the words or its relativity to me I don't know but that was the story which appealed me most from all the tales of the Tabutsaaz.
I remember, his way of telling stories was little out of convention but I liked all the more because it has magically ability to teleport the listener to his world.
In one of these stories the boy who wakes in different world after every sleep, once wakes to a world of time tables. As usual boy would not understand language of the world he woke in. The joys and sorrows which make that world laugh and cry was not legible to our boy. He was unaffected to the emotions of this world (though Tabutsaaz told me later that there were no emotions in this world, just strong surges of after effects of specific event which made inhabitants of this strange world make laugh and cry based on its results) and so was the world by his existence for that brief period. His presence was more or less invalid to this world.
Now our boy has been to this kind of worlds more than often to think all over this. He would have bore this feeling of not being "Belonged to"  as he knew this strangeness would last only till he sleeps again. He knew that once he goes to sleep, to his own dreamland, everything would be fine again. Everything would be back on track right upto the level of normalcy of  any dreamland would offer. What he din't know was in this time table world there was no time allotted to rest, to sleep, to dream.