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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Books are better friends than humans I don't know how and when I forgot this, but thanks to all who reminded me this again and sending me back to my World. Yes, the beautiful world, the true world and yes MY WORLD...

J. speaketh this all...
I hope I have made it as vague as possible because if I made it clear for you, I should have placed a limitation on truth, I should have betrayed truth.

Life has no law, manifestation has law

"There is manifestation and in manifestation there must be law, but not for that which manifests. To life there must be an expression, and in the expression there must be law,

but for that life which expresses itself there cannot be law. I maintain that for that which is life in freedom, which is spirituality in consummation, there cannot be law, because if it is under law, it is in limitation.

"Life is stronger than form; that is why life destroys and reconstructs form incessantly. There are no forms you can wisely call stable. They alter from second to second, even if you do not see it. They are never exactly the same because they are but the changing receptacle of life. Life does not change except in the forms which it adapts to its needs. Life explains itself in every individual and in every form. Words are forms of thoughts and thoughts are forms of truths, but certainly not Truth itself.

"There is no separation of form and life, of spirit and matter. They are all one. The form is the expression of life. If the life is not strong, vital, pliable, energetic, completely and wholly free, your forms are limitation. So, you must concern yourself with life, and then forms will look after themselves."

Life has no plans

"Life which is unconditioned, free, whole, is entirely delivered from all plans. The moment you have a plan, you are bringing that life into limitation. And as you cannot bring down that which is unconditioned and which can never be controlled, your plan cannot then correspond to life which is free.

"In Life, there is no life or death, it is all a continual process, never ceasing, ever changing. In life, there cannot be at one moment birth and at another moment death. It is only the physical expression that changes.

"Life is not to be approached through the past, nor through the mirage of the future. Life cannot be approached through intermediaries, nor conquered for another.

"No one will ever pierce the infinite mystery of the future -impenetrable in its evanescent illusion...

"That discovery can only be made in the immediate present -by the individual for himself and not for others."

"Life converts life, makes you straight if you are crooked. If you are not suffering, life makes you suffer; if you are not thoughtful, life makes you thoughtful, and if you have no emotions that stir and nourish you, life will awake your emotions, your affections, your love..."

Go beyond the limitations

I am trying to make it clear, trying to build a bridge for others to come over, not away from life, but to have more abundantly of life...

"All this is so badly expressed and, by constantly expressing and talking about it, one hopes to make it clearer and clearer...

"The more I think of what I have 'realised', the clearer I can put it and help to build a bridge, but that takes time and continual change of phrases, so as to give true... You have no idea how difficult it is to express the inexpressible, and what is expressed is not truth."