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Saturday, May 1, 2010


5:15 AM
Don't know how long she would have taken to get ready, he never liked her waking him on saturday mornings to drop her to office.
Even she never wanted to wake him up this early, he really looks so innocent sleeping the morning sweetness.
Why she has to work on saturdays? the thought bothered her for a flashing second again.
Another second haunted her for the meaninglessness of "the thought".

5:27 AM
"Let's go!!!", he shouted.
"Yes, coming!!!", she replied back locking teh door behind.
A passing glance on clock.
Quickest estimation.
10 minutes to reach office.
10 minutes of his aroma so close.
10 minutes of holding him so close.
10 minutes of silence so close.
10 minutes of closeness
10 happiest moments of the day
"But why is it saturday"

5:32 AM
"Slow down a bit, we still have five minutes left."
"You are worng, we are still on the Main Square."
"Watch out!!!"

5:33 AM
World took two somersaults. Everything went dark...


@ngel ~ said...

Amazing :)

Beyond Horizon said...

while reading, felt that, its happening in front of the eyes.......:)

Suma said...