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Friday, April 9, 2010

Tabutsaaz and Prarabdh

The room filled with smoke was creating an out of the world environment. The tension was visible on the brow of Tabutsaaz. On the other hand Prarabdh still had same playful smile on his face. Everyone in the room surrounded their table. For those few minutes even the ever busy hands of the bar attendant became idle.
Both of them were still playing blinds. Tabutsaaz had already emptied his pockets. Everything he has brought along was on stake table. Prarabdh by his nature still had the “doll of emerald”, the only thing Tabutsaaz wanted to win so badly. Prarabdh, very ritually offered him to withdraw and take back whatever he has put on stake or to put the ring on stake and ask for the show of cards.
Just three cards were to decide if he will go home with that doll or will go home empty handed. All Tabutsaaz had to do was take the ring out, put on stake table and ask for the show. His heart was pounding harder with every passing second. Thousand thoughts were wrecking his brain. His soul was getting tested with every eternity-long moment.
The flower seller, best friend of Tabutsaaz asked him not to go for the game tonight. One quick flash of regret ran across his mind but he shrugged off the thought. He can’t lose to Prarabdh, not with his ring still in his finger. He never lost a game since he had that ring with him.
But the game with The Prarabdh was completely different. Prarabdh was respected and feared in the whole region. He was notorious not only to win all the games but to get whatever he wants from the opponent. And today Prarabdh wanted the ring from Tabutsaaz.

The lucky charm, most prized possession, only thing Tabutsaaz has been ever loyal to was being asked on the table. The ultimate test of the charm of the ring was being held here. But it was never done before even though it was just a ring. It had its own personality. He has talked several nights of loneliness with this ring. He has spent gazillion moments of victory and celebration with that ring.
The dilemma, yes the most prominent of his problems was again looking at him, staring deep into his eyes. The baritone voice singing in the back ground was not helping in anyway. His hands unknowingly were trying to dry out the anxiety, turned sweat drops on his forehead.
“No stake can be bigger than a lifelong companionship. The ring was not just an object but has been a very trusty companion. The loss of that ring can never be compensated by any win in future.” His eyes were deciding fast now. And fingers were playing with the ring, like always. He glanced into Prarabdh’s eyes. They were unfathomable. But face still had childish grin. For a moment he felt those eyes betrayed an emotion. For a moment Tabutsaaz felt those eyes are taunting him, enticing him. But in another blink, same perplexing wrap was back in those eyes.

“No, I won’t do it! I simply can’t!”, he resolved. The moment of resolution, he was relieved. He won’t lose his companion. He can go home with whatever he came with.

Another blink, He took the ring out of the finger, turned all three cards together and almost shouted, “Show”. Jack of Spade, Jack of diamond and Jack of Heart, a trip, a set of Jacks. Aah, the relief.

With calmest and coldest of his gesture, Prarabdh turned his cards to show a King of Club, a King of Diamond and a King of Spade.
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