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Friday, March 26, 2010

Not Just a Kite

"Not just a kite,
you are a fire bird
you can raise high
up above the herd,
a lot above others
you can sit with those stars in sky."
said StarGazer in melodies.

And her eyes (O Gosh those eyes!!!)
spoke again without the words
and asked me to trust her,
cause she sees stars and beyond.
She sees limitless, unknown and unbond.

And I cut down my line, and took a leap.

She felt out sudden, she was wrong.
I am an illusion not a bird
with wings that strong.
She kept her eyes shut too tight.
My ears couldn't hear a word
and felt things are not right.
She believed something else
and not my flight.

I fell, I swivel
and swooned all down.
I am not now,
not any more,
not even just a kite.


Anonymous said...

If thou can trust the glow in my eyes and the words they speak. Trust what ye see and hear from them..
They speak about you
And everything is true
And true and Only true..

NUKTAA said...

befall in thousand folds, the night
when she shut her eyes so tight