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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Gazing, its becoming more often occurring phenomenon in his life.
He stares blankly towards the night sky.
Stargazer has shown him groups of beautiful stars and named them for him too.
Why he thinks just by looking at them he can own them?
Stars are far away, isn't that simple enough logic?
Finding meaning in randomly spread stars and planets is becoming his latest passion, difficult to overcome. Just like clear night sky he sees his life with randomly put events.
Randomness or disorder or chaos or arranged confusion was so prominent, that he could he lose himself quite easily only if night sky has not been stolen from him.
Still whenever he can sneak out time, in the blank just meters away from him, he gazes at the night sky again trying to find meaning out of meaning less.


somyaa said...

Trying to find out meaning out of meaning less... its what they do - I think we all do ...