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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to avoid getting Bored when Stoned???

How to avoid getting Bored when Stoned???

People ask this question to themselves many a times when they smoke and get stoned. Here are few easy to follow instructions to avoid getting bored when you are stones ;)
1. Music is soul of a good smoking session. Good music can help you attain a quick sync with hyper consciousness.
2. Never get stoned alone. Never smoke alone, it leads you to depressing thoughts. Always keep company of like minded cool people when you are trying a smoking sessions. Indulge your self in mindboggling, brainstorming with a batch of like heads. Its really fun!!! You will reach far and totally anew conclusions.
3. Keep a large quantity of stuff ready to fill in you Munchies. Keep chips, waffers, chocolates, cold drinks handy. You would be amazed by titaltion of your taste buds.
4. Try cooking when stoned, even if you not much of a cook. I have amazed myself with my cullinary skills while I cant cook a damn thing when I am not stoned.
5. Watch sci-fi movies. Best way to watch sci-fi movies is to get stoned  before watching. Here is a list of recommended movies

Apart from these top 5 steps, try to be innovative, come up with your own gigs and ways.


Anonymous said...

Some points to remember while smoking up

Smoke only good stuff... Try not to smoke anything and everything...

Get enough drinks and water possible.. because you get dehydrated after smoking up. I personally recommend using PULPY ORANGE...

Try not to drink hard drinks while smoking.. The charm of smoking is lost when you drink. You may drink Beer, depending on your capacity.

Do what you do best.... when you smoke up.. It brings your inner talent come to life.. may be for sometime.. but it helps..

I will post some more when i come up with more important points. Till then Happy Blogging and HAPPY SMOKING....