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Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hi people,Yes u as well, I wanted this to share with you all, a question I want to pop up, What is that which makes you happy? Is it the Sunday You've always asked for? Or Is it the long vaction to the place which is off the map?? Is there any place which is off the map??? Is there any place left which has not not been mapped yet? ofcourse there must be place which is off the map... after all those gigantic sateliets which are constantly keepin an eye on this blue planet still there must be th place which is constantly hiding itself with those mechnaical eyes. I really dontknow if there is any neverland but I do want belive that there is a place ehich noone knows of except for you and people with the same mind and emotions, and feelings as you.


Anonymous said...
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somyaa said...

Awesome post! what a thought you expressed .. how could you express your thoughts in such an easy and simple way ....
Loved it! Keep writing!