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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reminiscence and You

Travelling through the dense fog
after waking on a sadful dawn
Thinking was he.
And here was I
and stariing and glaring
everywhere else but at him
Possible he was sad
Since his eyes still had
The glimpses of what happened
Last evening
Nothing wrong but very shocking
Since he told me, "O' beloved
Rosalind, I m in love with you
and hence with the world too"
But what was I suppose to say?
For ashes of Reminiscence in heart still stay
I said "No and will never"
But myself was fearing to loose
Loose his touches, his breathes
and his smiles which I had loved so much
But I said "No! and will never"
But, But, But
I dont want to loose
his admirations, appreciations
attractions and adorations
which were for me and me alone

But this wasn't what I said
"cause to him alone I cant betray"

How can I
till old chapters remain unfinished
and life for me till is merely ash
You came and came like Pheonix
made me alive in a flash

I hurted you 'casue I hated you
as I hate myself and my Reminiscence
So I said "No and will never"
"I dont love you, my dear
and I really mean it"
But I dont want to loose
you breathes and touches and smiles
I really, reaaly can't afford loosing
Your admirations, appreciations,
attractions and adorations
But, I dont love You
"No! and will never!!!"