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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

AYAAN, my favorite charcter in Hindu Mythology

Whose love was greater? Love of Krishnaa or love of Radha?
Hmm let me add a new chapter (rather angle to the story of Radha and Krishana). So we all know about the ever-lasting, eternal love between Radha and Krshina-the imortal lovers. But there was a third person in the story- husband of Radha (yes she was married and married to someone else, his name was Ayaan). No doubt Radha sacrificed everything for Krishna. She reciprocated the same love which she has given to Lord Krishna. Krishna was the incarnation of God, so according to history writers so whatever he did was acceptable. Both Krishna and Radha became immortal. Everyone knows about them.
But what about Ayan? History never mentions insignificant characters. So the insignificant Ayan (insignificant, because he never objected over the love of Radha for Krishna; nor did he played the role of villain. Had he been played the role of a villain, he might have been recorded in history). But this insignificant li'l individual never objected. Instead, he accepted everything as his fate and loved his wife. Lost in the dust of history is the love of Ayan !
I salute you…


indoctrined Slaved Thoughts said...

dont know how you do it but you described the story of almost many guys,INDIANS if i may say so... ;-)